Relocation Case Study: Home-Buying in a Short Time-frame

Our team specializes in relocation, so there are many times that we meet with buyers who have to see as many houses in one weekend as possible and make a decision on which home to buy quickly. One story that sticks out involves a couple that was relocating to Connecticut from the mid-west. This was their first home they had ever bought. The couple was staying with relatives and had only one weekend to see all of the houses available that fit their preferences and needs. Prior to their visit to Connecticut to view the available homes, I scheduled several phone calls to review the current market offerings, learn their home-specific needs, and planned strategies to set this fast-track home-viewing/home-buying weekend for success. I was able to work with them to narrow down the extensive home-for-sale list to 20 homes that suited them best. I scheduled the home viewings for Friday and Saturday and by the end of Saturday, we viewed 19 homes and had narrowed the list down to their top 3 homes. I immediately scheduled re-shows for Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon, we collectively weighed the pros and cons of each house, and the couple ultimately decided on one of the homes that best fit their needs and we negotiated an offer with the sellers resulting in being under-contract by Monday! The home inspection was done immediately, while the couple was still in town. But, since they lived far away and had to return home, I took on the additional role to make sure everything was progressing smoothly regarding the home inspection. Unfortunately, there was one issue—an upstairs bathtub appeared to be leaking—so I scheduled a plumber to make the necessary repairs. Once the bathroom leak was resolved, I checked in periodically with the sellers and listing agent to keep the home-purchasing process rolling. I also checked in with the mortgage lender to ensure we would obtain a mortgage commitment in a timely manner. I was able to schedule the closing to stay on track with my clients’ relocation timeline. As expected, when it came time for the closing, all the home buying pieces were in place and the closing wrapped up nicely.

My clients were very happy and excited to move into their new home. Here are some of their remarks on their experience:

“Casey was the best real estate agent! From the beginning, she was always extremely quick with responses. She was very thorough and extremely organized. Due to Covid and travel schedules, we could only give her a short 3-day window to find our perfect house. Our itinerary was efficient and was extremely flexible when needed – Casey even added homes last minute per our request. She gave us her honest opinion when asked, which was greatly appreciated as first-time home buyers. After showing us 19 houses, we found our home!

Casey was so helpful with negotiations – predicting all of the home-buying steps ahead of time! She was always on-time for inspections and meetings. When we had issues during the home closing process, Casey stood in for us and called sometimes daily to support and keep us informed as buyers. Casey was easily the most responsible and professional person to work with and we cannot imagine what our first home buying experience might have been like without her. Everyone should have an agent who cares as much as Casey.”

– Steve & Sue, currently residing in West Hartford, CT