First-time home buyer case study:
How to successfully navigate the home buying process

Sarah and Sam*, new to home-buying, met with me prior to buying their first house. They were just starting their search, not pre-approved to purchase a home and had no idea what the process entailed. I explained the entire home-buying process during our initial meeting and was able to show them several homes before they were ready to make an offer.

Since they had not been pre-approved yet, I recommended a few lenders to them and so they could start the mortgage pre-approval process. Unfortunately we discovered that their credit was too low for them to qualify to buy a house at this time, but the lender projected that they could increase their credit score in a few months if they worked hard on paying off debts.

I was fortunate to be able to stay in contact with them, meeting up every month or so as they paid off old credit card debt – steadily increasing their credit scores. As they pecked away decreasing their debt and improving their credit score, we established a great relationship full of trust and consideration. This helped all of us as Sarah and Sam continued to search for their first home. They were able to take my advice on which new homes they should consider, both financially and as a good fit all-around.

Finally, the day came when they were pre-approved and we were able to seriously look at their first home again. Shortly after, we found their dream home and made an offer. The new home offer got accepted and we were able to begin the purchase process! Having this personal relationship that was built over the time it took for Sarah and Sam to be financially sound, allowed me to guide them through every step of the way to home ownership. From making an offer on their dream home, waiting on inspections, working through the appraisal process, until the final step of the closing - whoo hoo! Sarah and Sam became first-time home buyers, successful from start to finish, and now live in their dream home.

Although it was a much longer process than originally anticipated, it was well worth the wait. Here are some of their remarks during the home buying process:

“Our home buying process was truly a journey. We could not have done it had Casey not supported us like she did. She was always pleasant, accommodating, and very responsive. Casey has gone far beyond what we could ever imagined a realtor could be. Knowledgeable, positive, honest, and always available. She literally took us under her wings and showed us the way. Step by step. Nobody else can come close to the service that she provided us during our first-time home buying process. She was always available no matter what time of the day or evening – always responded – even while she was away on vacation. No question was left unanswered.

Casey is skilled and a professional at all times, keeping us informed about every detail during the home-buying process. We trusted her opinion, her expertise, and her wisdom. We knew that she wanted the absolute best for us.

If you're looking for a realtor, Look no more. You will have the BEST when you choose Casey at Tea Leaf Realty.”

– Sarah and Sam, Connecticut
Successful first-time dream home buyers

*The couple's names in this case study were changed to maintain confidentiality.